Online Auction

Save the Date

Online Auction in April 2023!

We have the same great selection of items as our in person event, but they can now be viewed and bid on with a click of a button from your phone, tablet, or computers!  Save the Date! Tell your family, friends, and golfing buddies and be ready to bid on some amazing items!

Thank you to our amazing donors for supporting our organization by donating your wonderful products, services, and crafts to help support our mission and youth! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support, we appreciate each and every one of you!!

Ways to Get Registered

Get registered today by visiting our auction site below or scanning the QR Code

Get started by texting ‘hello‘ to 1-605-349-1555

How to Bid!

Bidding Features!

  • Bidder Notifications!!
    Bidders will get high bid, raised bid, and out bid notifications,  as well as won item notifications for when the auction closes.
  • Proxy Bidding!!
    Proxy Bidding is a feature available for Online Items and allows the system to manage a bidder’s maximum bid to ensure that they remain as the high bidder for as long as possible.
  • Anti-Snipping!!
    Anti-Sniping rules automatically extend the closing time on an item if a bid is placed within a trigger window immediately before the item closes.